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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you pick up vehicles?
No. You must be able to drive your vehicle to the scrap yard.

How long do I have to scrap my vehicle?
You have 30 days from the day you get approved. Please note the procedures for customers who are purchasing EVs are different. The 5 Step Process is on our home page.

Do I scrap my car first, or claim my incentive first?
You have 30 days to both scrap a car and claim an incentive. This can be done in any order. Some incentives (e.g. bike and car) need to be purchased before you can make a claim so please check the instructions provided for each incentive type. Please note the procedures for customers who are purchasing EVs are different. The 5 Step Process is on our home page.

What happens if I don’t scrap my vehicle within 30 days?
Your application will be automatically closed, and you will have to re-apply if you still wish to use our program. Please note that the continuous insurance requirement (up to the day you scrap the vehicle) is still in effect so if you remove the insurance, then re-apply to us 1 or 2 months later, your vehicle will no longer qualify. Also note, that you are only eligible for the incentives offered on the day of your application. Please note the procedures for customers who are purchasing EVs are different. The 5 Step Process is on our home page.

What happens if I have a lien on my vehicle?
Vehicles scrapped through our program cannot have any liens or other encumbrances registered against them. SCRAP-IT will not be held legally responsible for any vehicle that is scrapped where there is such an interest.

Can I scrap my vehicle if I am under 19 years of age?
Yes. Please contact our office to obtain a parental consent form by emailing us. The completed form will need to be submitted to us when you apply.

Should I leave my old vehicle at the dealership?
No. It is your responsibility to drive the vehicle you intend to scrap to an authorized scrap location.

Are there vehicles that don’t qualify?
Yes. We do not accept boats, trailers, RVs, motor homes or campers of any type. To donate one of these, please visit this website.

Can I remove parts from my vehicle before I scrap it?
No. Vehicles must be delivered to the scrap yard intact. You cannot remove tires, seats, steering wheels, batteries or any other parts prior to delivery to (or at) the scrap yard.


How does the insurance thing work?
You must have a minimum of 6 months continuous insurance. You have to count 6 months from the day you apply to our program, BACKWARDS. In other words, the vehicle must be currently insured, and in driving condition the day you apply to our program. This applies to ALL incentive types.


What are the procedures for purchasing an EV (new or used)?
The 5 step process can be found on our home page. Scroll down to the section called The 5 Steps to EV Ownership.

Should I let the sales person at the dealership apply to SCRAP-IT on my behalf?
No. We request that all applicants apply on their own behalf. If you allow a sales person to apply on your behalf SCRAP-IT will not be responsible or accountable for any problems, incorrect information, issues or concerns that arise as a result of this.

Can I buy a used electric vehicle from a participating New Car Dealer, and still be eligible for the EV program incentive?
Yes. Provided that (1) you purchased the used EV from a participating dealer; and, (2) the EV has not already received an incentive under our program. See the question below related to “double-dipping.”

Do out of province/country vehicles qualify? Can I purchase an electric vehicle from Alberta, Washington or California?
No. The vehicle must be purchased from a participating dealership, in BC by a resident of BC. If a participating dealership has legally imported a vehicle from the US for sale in Canada then it will qualify.

Is there a limit to the number of EV incentives that any one person, business or organization can receive?
Yes. There is a maximum 1 incentive per person (or business, or organization), per scrapped vehicle.

Is there an incentive available for converting a vehicle to electric?
No. Aftermarket conversions are not eligible for the EV Program.

Do PHEV (Plug-in Hybrids) or Hybrids qualify for your program?
Unfortunately we do not offer any incentives for PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid) or hybrid vehicles. The EV incentive we currently offer is for BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) only. Please visit our List of Qualifying EVs page. If the vehicle you’re looking to purchase is not on this page, then it will not qualify for an incentive with us. Many PHEV vehicles qualify for the CEVforBC point-of-sale discount, please check their website for more information.

Double-dipping. Can a vehicle receive more than one (1) incentive?
No. There is a maximum one (1) incentive per EV vehicle.

An EV can only receive one incentive from our program. In other words, once an EV claim has been made by a SCRAP-IT customer for a particular vehicle, it cannot be resold and THEN claimed by a second SCRAP-IT customer where a second incentive is claimed.

EXAMPLE:  A SCRAP-IT customer scraps their car and submits a claim for a used, 2014 Nissan Leaf. They receive a $3,000 incentive. They later trade in that 2014 Nissan Leaf at a participating dealership and purchase a new EV. The 2014 Nissan Leaf is now being sold as a used EV by the dealership. That 2014 Nissan Leaf has already been the subject of a SCRAP-IT transaction where an incentive was issued. Therefore, that 2014 Nissan Leaf is not eligible for our program, or any future incentives.

This applies to both NEW and USED EV incentives.


How long does it take to get my cheque?
Our service standard for delivery of the cheque to customers who scrap their vehicles in the lower mainland is 2-4 weeks. For customers who scrap their vehicles outside the lower mainland the service standard is 4-6 weeks. This time period STARTS once we have received your complete claim.


Are you a government program?
No, SCRAP-IT is a not-for-profit independent society which relies on private funding, grants and contributions from a variety of sources as well as program partners in order to offer incentives to customers.

Do your incentives change?
Yes. SCRAP-IT is a not-for-profit society and does not have a continuous funding source. As a result, incentives offered are subject to change at any time, as they are directly linked to available funding.

Will I get a warning if incentives change?
No, you will not get a warning. However, if you applied to our program, the incentives offered on the day you applied, will be the incentives you will be entitled to, without question. When you click “submit,” your application goes straight into our database so we will always know when you applied and what incentives we offered at that time.