About Us

Program History

SCRAP-IT was the first program of its kind in Canada, modeled after similar Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement programs in the US. An air-emissions reduction program, SCRAP-IT was designed to take older, high-polluting vehicles off the road.

In 1995, a feasibility study prepared for a multi-stakeholder group and chaired by the B.C. Lung Association indicated that an older, high polluting vehicle scrappage program could be effective in the Lower Mainland and recommended that a pilot project be initiated.

In April 1996, then Premier Glen Clark announced the new SCRAP-IT program. The pilot program operated between April 1996 and November 1998, giving approved customers incentives to recycle their 1983 or older cars and light-duty trucks. The pilot had a target to remove 1,000 vehicles in the Lower Mainland and 100 vehicles in Victoria.  Owners of 1983 model year and older vehicles who meet the qualifying criteria could choose to scrap their vehicle and receive one of three types of compensation offered. The program was (and still is) strictly voluntary. During the pilot, 1234 customers recycled 955 vehicles, and issued 834 incentives. The pilot phase was said to have prevented approximately 8,800 tonnes of air pollution.

In November 1998, the program was expanded, make it easier to qualify, and adding more options to the incentive list.

In 2004, the BC SCRAP-IT® Program Society, a registered not-for-profit independent society, was established to operate the Program. The Society operates under the auspices of a volunteer Board of Directors.


SCRAP-IT has successfully delivered provincial and federal incentive/rebate programs for 25 years. In that time, the Society provided solid financial stewardship to over $79 million in funding and grants. The Society’s head office is located in Richmond, BC.

The Society:

  • Administers incentive/rebate programs both with and without a scrap vehicle requirement (for example ZAPBC rebates for electric vehicle chargers).
  • Has a robust IT platform, integrated web-front end for seamless customer interaction and detailed reporting capability.
  • Is audited annually by a reputable Vancouver-based accounting firm.
  • Has a history of managing all public relations/communications effectively, with minimal complaints to media, advocacy groups and/or government.
  • Is governed by an independent Board of Directors.
  • Currently operates in BC and Alberta and plans to expand into Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We focuses on:

  • CO2 (greenhouse gas emissions) and exhaust pollutant reduction.
  • Accelerated fleet renewal (early retirement).
  • Adoption of clean technologies (BEV, PHEV vehicles and charging equipment).
  • Facilitates the accelerated transition of program participants from ICE vehicles to cleaner forms of transportation.
  • End-of-life for ICE vehicles, ensuring all scrapped vehicles and components are permanently and properly recycled.

We partner with:

  • Private organizations such as new car dealers, electric bike retailers, car share companies, transit companies and scrap suppliers.
  • Co-delivery partners such as ChargePoint and Foreseeson Technologies (for the ZAPBC Program).
  • Other environmental and like-minded organizations.

The Society is governed by an independent, volunteer Board of Directors. There are six members. Directors are elected to the Board. All significant policy and financial decisions are made by way of Board approved policies and resolutions.