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We are a voluntary early retirement vehicle program that provides incentives to help British Columbians replace higher polluting vehicles with cleaner forms of transportation. The program is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to lower exhaust pollutants across the province. All scrapped vehicles and their components are permanently and properly recycled.


If you retire your older vehicle, you will be able to choose from a long list of incentives including new or used cars or electric cars, transit passes, bicycles, car sharing memberships or $200 cash. Just follow our easy 4 Step process – details on the right hand side of this page.



We previously only accepted vehicle that were model year 2000 and older.
We are now accepting any model year.
All other program policies remain in effect.

Older vehicle models emit up to 60 times more smog forming emissions than 2008 and later models. For example, replacing a 1990 sedan with a 2009 hybrid can result in a reduction of up to 67% in greenhouse gas emissions.

Cars Scrapped


What Customers are Saying Blue

Brenda“My experience with SCRAP-IT was very positive because I bought a new car at a large dealership. They knew about the program and really help me with the process. Once I was accepted, and drove my old car down to the scrap yard, it all went fast, very smooth, and I received my cheque fairly fast. My old car did have lots of memories, as I bought it before my granddaughter was born, and purposely bought it because it had 4 doors, and child windows in the back. She was starting to fall apart though, so I did feel good about using the program, to recycle parts that could be recycled, rather than sell her to someone who would have her fall apart on them. All in all it was a very positive experience, and I have recommended it to family and friends.”
Monique“I did not feel it was safe to sell to anyone as it started having problems. The SCRAP-IT Program was fairly quick and organized. I felt very emotional. I was very sad and even though I was offered new plates, I kept his original license plate so he would always be with me. I had the car for 20 years and only the last 1 year started having problems – yes I had many great memories with this little guy.”
Kimberly“As a matter of fact, my plan was to use the transit pass for the 9 months and then buy a car when it was over. But after utilizing the system, I have still not bought a car and do not plan to in the future. It's has now been 2 and a half years. My savings account thanks you!"
Amanda“I have continued to use BC Transit since scrapping my second vehicle. I propose to scrap another vehicle in the next 3 to 6 months. I hope to benefit from another multi-pass when I do. THANK YOU for this wonderful SCRAP-IT Program!”
Christina“It was an awesome initiative and I still use my bike and accessories. It was the best deal ever. I got to trade in an old car and get real rewards such as numerous bus passes and a bike with all the right accessories (helmet, lights, lock, etc). As an unemployed person living in East Vancouver at the time, it really helped me out. I still feel grateful and I still use my bike and accessories, years later. Thank you again and please keep this initiative going in all parts of BC.”
Frank“I just wanted to say that the Scrap It Program was very easy to use. We had an older pick-up on propane and was waiting for an excuse to junk it. Well this incentive program mixed in with great pricing was a no brainer. We got rid of all our trucks - 5 of them, to the SCRAP-IT Program. We all got new trucks and less air pollution - a win win. Keep up the good work and thanks for your hard work… your staff are awesome.”