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Our new and used electric vehicle incentives are back!

Welcome to the BC SCRAP-IT Program. We are a voluntary early retirement vehicle program that provides incentives to help British Columbians replace higher polluting vehicles with cleaner forms of transportation. The program is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to lower exhaust pollutants across the province. All scrapped vehicles and their components are permanently and properly recycled.

The 8 Steps to EV Ownership

  1. Find your EV on our website.
  2. Call the dealership to confirm availability.
  3. Review our list of requirements to make sure your old vehicle qualifies. There are only two!
  4. Purchase the EV.
  5. Apply to our program once the EV you want is available for delivery.*
  6. Scrap your old vehicle after you have taken delivery of the EV.
  7. Provide the dealership with a copy of your email approval letter and make sure your dealership claims the incentive for you.
  8. Your cheque will be issued once we receive the claim from the dealership and the scrap data for your old vehicle.

*Delivery means the EV is now registered and insured in your name.

In addition to our electric vehicle incentives, we also have:

Electric Bikes


Mobility Scooters

BC Transit Passes

Car Share Credits

If you scrap your vehicle, you will be able to choose from a long list of incentives including electric vehicles, transit passes, electric bicycles, car sharing memberships or $200 cash. Full details can be found on this page.

Older vehicle models emit up to 60 times more smog forming emissions than 2008 and later models. For example, replacing a 1990 sedan with a 2009 hybrid can result in a reduction of up to 67% in greenhouse gas emissions.



(April 1996 to April 25, 2018)