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Electric Bike Definition

Electric Bike Definition

To qualify as a motor assisted cycle (MAC), certain conditions must be met. For example:

  • The electric motor must be 500 watts or less and be capable of propelling the cycle no faster than 32 km/h on level ground without pedaling.
  • The vehicle must be equipped with a mechanism that either (a) allows the driver to turn the motor on and off, or (b) prevents the motor from turning on or engaging before the MAC attains a speed of 3 km/h.
  • The motor must disengage when the operator (a) stops pedaling, or (b) releases the accelerator or (c) applies a brake.
  • The motor cannot be gas-powered.
  • The motor must be capable of being propelled by muscular power using the pedals, but it is not necessary to always be pedaling.
  • The vehicle must meet any other conditions in the Motor Assisted Cycle Regulation (B.C. Reg 151/2002).

Electric Bike Claim Details

To claim this incentive you will need a POS debit, credit or cash register receipt, AND a receipt which includes your name. The retailer will print this type of receipt for you.

Electric Bike FAQs

Is there a minimum retail purchase price?
Yes. The minimum retail purchase price of the electric bicycle that qualifies for both the $100 point of sale discount and the $750 SCRAP-IT incentive is $1,000 (one thousand) dollars.

Are conversion kits included? In other words if the person already owns a bike, and wants to only buy a conversion kit to make their current bike into and electric bike.
No. You must purchase an e-bike with the motor already attached.

Can I buy a used electric bike?
No. The electric bike must be purchased new, from a participating retailer.

Can I scrap my car and buy an electric bike for my son/daughter?
No. The program requires the person who scrapped the vehicle to be the recipient of the incentive.

Can I buy an electric bike from a company that is not listed on your website as a program partner? There are cheaper bicycles available in the U.S. even with the dollar conversion.
No. All electric bikes must be purchased from a SCRAP-IT program partner who is a BC-based business or has a business location operating in BC with a valid BC business license.

I already own an electric bike can I use the incentive money to buy accessories for it?

Can I use the incentive towards the purchase of an electric bike AND accessories?
No. The incentive can only be applied towards the cost of the electric bike. It cannot be applied towards the cost of accessories.

Are the following included in the electric bike option? Vespa, Moped or other types of motor scooters or motorcycles.
No. If they are gas-fueled vehicles they are not an electric bike.

Why is the incentive for an electric bike $250 more than the incentive for an e-mobility scooter? They really aren’t that different. It seems like you are penalizing the elderly.
The Provincial contribution towards the Scrap-It incentives for car share, public transit and e-mobility scooters are equal across the incentive categories. The Provincial contribution towards electric bicycles is slightly more than the other incentive categories due to the additional benefits associated with electric bicycles including significant mobility and health benefits for electric bicycle users.