BC Transit ECOPASS Claim


  • If you have already scrapped your car, go to Step #2
  • CLICK HERE for a list of Authorized Scrap Dealer Locations.
  • When you go to scrap your car, bring your Approval Letter/Email and your Owner’s Certificate of Insurance. (Note: It must be the original document, photocopies are not accepted. If you cannot locate this document, please stop by any Autoplan broker. You will need to purchase an original copy. A small fee will be charged for this service).
  • The authorized scrap dealer will endorse your Approval Letter /Email and provide you with a copy of a completed Transfer/Tax Form. Keep these documents for your records.
  • The registered owner(s) of the vehicle must be the person(s) who drop off the vehicle (Note: All registered owners must be present).


  • BC Transit will also be notified that you qualify for a pass through our program. For identification purposes we will supply them with your driver’s license number, therefore the number provide below MUST BE CORRECT.
  • BC Transit will contact you to arrange an appointment to attend their office and get your ECOPASS, therefore it is IMPORTANT that you provide a CORRECT telephone number as well.
  • The start date of your pass can be determined when you attend the BC Transit office to pick it up.


  • Once we receive your claim form, and confirm that your vehicle has been scrapped, we will send you a confirmation email.
  • We will then submit your information to BC Transit and they will contact you to arrange an appointment to pick up your ECOPASS.


BC Transit ECOPASS Incentive

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