TransLink Pass Claim

  • Before you start, please prepare a photo of the back of your compass card for upload.
  • It should clearly show the 20-digit Serial Number.
  • This will be used to verify the number you enter below.
  • We do not need the 3-digit CVN number.

TransLink Passes

Please place a check mark in the box beside each statement, indicating your understanding and agreement with all of the mandatory policies:

Compass Card Photo

Please upload a photo of the back of your Compass Card so that we can verify the number you provide in the claim form below.

Maximum file size: 5MB

Participant Information

(All fields are required)
(The name you enter should match the name in your SCRAP-IT application)
(The email you used when you applied to our program)
(Must be correct)
(Enter the serial number on your Compass Card. This number should be 20 digits and match the number on the picture of the card you uploaded).