Strategic Alignment & Metrics

Strategic Overview

We don’t just scrap cars! Here’s how SCRAP-IT aligns with provincial Acts and Regulations, helps government to achieve its objectives, provides positive environmental and financial benefits to all British Columbians, supports the local economy an jobs, and contributes to public health and safety.

Alignment with BC Acts and Regulations

Grants and Revenues Generated

SCRAP-IT is a not-for-profit Society that has successfully delivered provincial, federal and privately funded incentive/rebate programs for over 20 years. We are proud to say that we have provided solid financial stewardship to over $64 million in funding and grants to-date.

Financial Effectiveness

New vehicle sales are one of the most effective means to stimulate renewed economic activity. They were widespread and effective across the globe as a response to the 2008 economic crash. BC was already well placed to leverage the existing SCRAP-IT Program to not only deliver economic stimulus, but to also achieve substantial environmental and climate change benefits. New vehicle sales lead to increased insurance premiums, purchase of upgrades, options and accessories. Sales are also directly linked to the overall performance of the economy, and are a strong indicator of consumer confidence.

Financial rebates issued to residents of BC

Total incentives provided to customers by SCRAP-IT

Same for ZAPBC

Incentives paid towards purchase of replacement vehicles

Incentives paid towards purchase of electric vehicles

Incentives paid to all others

Average incentive value per customer

Rebates paid for ev chargers

New & Used Vehicle Sales

Retail value of replacement vehicles purchased from NCD

Retail value of replacement electric vehicles purchased from NCD

Average sale price of replacement vehicles

Average sale price of replacement electric vehicles

Total PST/GST/HST revenue generated on all replacement vehicle sales

Support for BC-based businesses

Number of Participating NCD

Number of Participating Bike Retailers

Number of Car Share Organizations

Number of Scrap Car Locations

Public Health

Improved air quality leads to improved public health, thus lowering overall pressure on the health system.
Improved road safety reduces accidents and reduces need for emergency care and long-term care.
Increased bicycle use provides exercise and improves health.
Safe removal and disposal of toxic components from recycled vehicles lowers the probability of public exposure and subsequent chronic health problems.

Vehicle Safety

Improves overall road safety

Old vehicles were built to less stringent safety standards, and their safety deteriorates with age.

New vehicles are built to better standards, and they have not deteriorated.

Safer vehicles are less likely to be involved in accidents, and when they are involved, their occupants are better protected, thus leading to less severe injuries, less expensive medical care, and lower insurance payouts.


Hundreds of jobs in BC depend in part of SCRAP-IT, car dealers, bicycle retailers, care share providers, EV charger installers, and scrap metal recyclers