Frequently Asked Questions


Do you pick up vehicles?
No. You must be able to drive your vehicle to one of the Pick-N-Pull locations. If you tow your vehicle there, you are responsible for the towing costs.

How long do I have to scrap my vehicle?
You have 30 days from the day you get approved.

Do I scrap my car first, or claim my rebate first?
You have 30 days to both scrap a car and claim a rebate. This can be done in any order. Some rebates (e.g. bike) need to be purchased before you can make a claim so please check the instructions provided for each type of rebate.

What happens if I don’t scrap my vehicle within 30 days?
Your application will be automatically closed, and you will have to re-apply if you still wish to use our program. Please note that the continuous insurance requirement (up to the day you scrap the vehicle) is still in effect so if you remove the insurance, then re-apply to us 1 or 2 months later, your vehicle will no longer qualify. Also note, that you are only eligible for the rebates offered on the day of your application. 

What happens if I have a lien on my vehicle?
Vehicles scrapped through our program cannot have any liens or other encumbrances registered against them. SCRAP-IT will not be held legally responsible for any vehicle that is scrapped where there is such an interest.

Can I scrap my vehicle if I am under 19 years of age?
Yes. Please contact our office to obtain a parental consent form by emailing us. The completed form will need to be submitted to us when you apply.

Are there vehicles that don’t qualify?
Yes. We do not accept RVs, motor homes or campers of any type. We also don’t accept boats. To donate one of these, please visit this website.

Can I remove parts from my vehicle before I scrap it?
No. Vehicles must be delivered to Pick-N-Pull intact. You cannot remove tires, seats, steering wheels, batteries or any other parts prior to delivery.


How does the insurance thing work?
You must have a minimum of 6 months continuous insurance. You have to count 6 months from the day you apply to our program, BACKWARDS. In other words, the vehicle must be currently insured, and in driving condition the day you apply to our program. This applies to ALL rebates, incentives or credits offered.

Can I get an exception?
If you do not have 6 months of continuous insurance as described above, please email us and provide us with your ownership and insurance history (and any supporting documentation you may have). We will review it to determine if you qualify for an exception.


How do I find my EFT bank information?
You should be able to find it by logging into your online bank account. Click here to see examples from a few different banks. Most banks have similar features. If yours does not, please contact your branch.

How will I get my rebate payment?
All rebate-based payments (cash, e-bikes, non-qualifiers) are made by EFT (electronic funds transfer) directly from us, to you. You will provide your EFT information when applying to our program, this will include (1) institution number, (2) routing number, (3) bank account number and (4) uploaded copy of a void cheque or equivalent.

How long does it take to get an EFT?
EFTs are not processed until we receive both your complete claim, and the scrap verification data from the scrap location you chose. Our service standard for processing EFTs is approximately 2 weeks.

What if I don’t receive my EFT?
If you have not received your EFT from us within the service standards identified above, you must contact us by phone or email and advise us accordingly.


Are you a government program?
No, SCRAP-IT is a not-for-profit independent society registered in both BC and Alberta. We rely on a mixture of private funding, grants and contributions from a variety of sources as well as program partners in order to offer rebates to customers.

Do your rebates change?
Yes. Because we do not have a continuous funding source, any rebates, incentives or credits offered are subject to change at any time, as they are directly linked to available funding.

Will I get a warning if rebates change?
No, you will not get a warning. However, if you applied to our program, the rebates offered on the day you applied, will be the rebates you will be entitled to, without question. When you click “submit,” your application goes straight into our database so we will always know when you applied and what we offered at that time.

Are you affiliated with SCRAP-IT in BC?
Yes. SCRAP-IT Alberta is an extension of the very successful BC program.