Electric Bike Retailer Application

Welcome to the Participating Retailers Application Page

If you are an e-bike retailer based in AB and can provide us with a current, valid AB business license, you’re welcome to join our program.

Simply complete the application below, and you will be added our our list of Participating Electric Bike Retailers.

Please take the time to read through all the Program Policies so that you can better serve our joint customers.

After you join our program, we will send you a store window sign (if you have a storefront) and some information brochures that can be provided to customers.

Agreement Program Policies

My store is:

Applicant Information

Typically the owner or full-time store manager.
Complete only if other full-time person is regularly available.
The name that will appear on your e-bike store receipts. This will also be your "store name" on our website.
The physical address customers can go to if you have a storefront. Leave blank if not applicable.
Your mailing address if your store is online only.
This link will be posted on our website. You do not have to include https://

Upload a copy of your AB Business License

If you operate an online store only, we still need to confirm that you are an AB-based business.

Maximum file size: 33MB


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