Electric Bike Definition

Electric Bike Definition

To qualify as an Electric Bike (Power Bicycle) certain conditions must be met in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (Canada) (C.R.C., c. 1038). A “power-assisted bicycle” means a vehicle that it:

  1. has steering handlebars and is equipped with pedals;
  2. is designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground;
  3. is capable of being propelled by muscular power;
  4. has one or more electric motors that have, singly or in combination, the following characteristics:
    • has a total continuous power output rating, measured at the shaft of each motor, of 500 W or less;
    • if it is engaged by the use of muscular power, power assistance immediately ceases when the muscular power ceases;
    • if it is engaged by the use of an accelerator controller, power assistance immediately ceases when the brakes are applied, and it is incapable of providing further assistance when the bicycle attains a speed of 32 km/h on level ground;
    • bears a label that is permanently affixed by the manufacturer and appears in a conspicuous location stating, in both official languages, that the vehicle is a power- assisted bicycle as defined in this subsection; and,
    • has one of the following safety features: an enabling mechanism to turn the electric motor on and off that is separate from the accelerator controller and fitted in such a manner that it is operable by the driver; or, a mechanism that prevents the motor from being engaged before the bicycle attains a speed of 3 km/h.

Alberta Transportation – Rules & Regulations Applying to Small Vehicles (See Page 7)

Electric Bike Claim Details

To claim this rebate you will need a POS debit, credit or cash register receipt, AND a receipt which includes your name. The retailer will print this type of receipt for you.

Electric Bike FAQs

How long do I have to scrap my car and purchase an e-bike?
Once you have been approved, you have 30 days to purchase your electric bike from a participating bike retailer, scrap your vehicle and claim your rebate. If you have not completed this process within 30 days your application will automatically close and you may lose your entitlement.

Is there a minimum retail purchase price?
Yes. The minimum retail purchase price of the electric bicycle that qualifies for a SCRAP-IT rebate is $1,000 (one thousand dollars).

Can I return an electric bike to the store and get a refund?
No. You cannot return an electric bike to the participating retailer for refund. If the retailer allows it, you can only exchange it for another electric bike, provided that the replacement electric bike still meets the minimum purchase requirement. Please ensure your decision to purchase an electric bike (including the make/model/type/colour, etc.) is final.

When do I claim the electric bike rebate?
When you get the bike. Do not under any circumstances claim your rebate until you have taken delivery of the electric bike. For example, if the retailer has placed an order that will not be delivered for 30 days do not claim your rebate until the electric bike is ready to be picked up.

Are conversion kits included? In other words if the person already owns a bike, and wants to only buy a conversion kit to make their current bike into and electric bike.
No. You must purchase an e-bike with the motor already attached.

Can I buy a used electric bike?
No. The electric bike must be purchased new, from a participating retailer.

Can I scrap my car and buy an electric bike for my son/daughter?
No. The program requires the person who scrapped the vehicle to be the recipient of the rebate. The receipt must be in the name of the person who scrapped the vehicle.

Can I buy an electric bike from a company that is not listed on your website as a program partner? There are cheaper bicycles available in the U.S. even with the dollar conversion.
No. All electric bikes must be purchased from a SCRAP-IT program partner who is an Alberta-based business or has a business location operating in Alberta with a valid Alberta business license.

I already own an electric bike can I use the rebate money to buy accessories for it?

Can I use the rebate towards the purchase of an electric bike AND accessories?
No. The rebate only applies to the cost of the electric bike. It cannot be applied towards the cost of accessories.

Are the following included in the electric bike option? Vespa, Moped or other types of motor scooters or motorcycles.
No. If they are gas-fueled vehicles they are not an electric bike.