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We will send this letter to the BC Provincial Government along with the information you provide in signature form below.

We are aiming to do this on or around October 31, 2021, depending on participation.

We thank you in advance for your support – we appreciate your acknowledgement of the good work this program is doing.

Letter of Support

To: The BC Provincial Government

SCRAP-IT has been providing an important service to British Columbians for 25 years by providing a variety of incentives and rebates to those who voluntarily and permanently scrap an older fossil fuel burning vehicle and replace it with cleaner technology.

This is an important program, especially now when it is understood that we are no longer just talking about climate change but a climate emergency.

Recent events like the sweltering heat dome and raging fires in BC, the flooding events in Europe and extreme rainfall in China, all underline the negative effects of climate change.

SCRAP-IT wants to continue its important work of producing measurable greenhouse gas emission reductions from one of the worst sectors – transportation. As a British Columbian, I strongly agree that the important work of this program needs to continue.

This program:

  • Gets fossil fuel burning vehicles off the road permanently.
  • Provides value and options to residents of BC for their end-of-life vehicle.
  • Supports BC’s Zero Emission Vehicles Act.
  • Produces measurable GHG (CO2) reductions.
  • Supports multiple Legislative/Regulatory requirements.
  • Works like an economic stimulus program.
  • Encourages the purchase of newer, cleaner, safer vehicles.

I support SCRAP-IT and think it should be an option for all British Columbians on an ongoing basis.

I would like to see the BC Provincial Government make arrangements to provide SCRAP-IT with long-term sustainable funding. I believe that every British Columbian should have fair and equal access to this program, both now and in the future.

Every day thousands of BC residents fill up a fossil fuel burning vehicle with gas and pay tax on that purchase. I hope some of the tax I pay can be dedicated to the ongoing support of a program like SCRAP-IT.

Yours truly,