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Does My Old Vehicle Qualify for an EV Rebate?

Does My Old Vehicle Qualify for an EV Rebate?

In our 2021 program not every vehicle can be scrapped for an EV new or used rebate.

Please be aware that you still need to meet the 6 months insurance requirement as outlined on the Scrap Your Car page.

Our funding agreement for 2021 requires that vehicles scrapped through our program meet fuel efficiency guidelines. For vehicles model year 2002 or newer, the vehicle is not eligible to be scrapped in exchange for a SCRAP-IT rebate if the vehicle has electric drive train components (e.g. hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles), or if the vehicle has a Fuel Consumption Rating of 7.1 L/100km (city) or better as listed in Natural Resources Canada Fuel Consumption Guide (based on the year the vehicle was manufactured).

Use the NRCan Fuel Consumption Rating Tool to see if your vehicle qualifies.

The following vehicles below, model year 2002 or newer may not qualify for our electric vehicle rebate (new or used). This list is to be considered a general guideline. More vehicles may be added at any time. Final decisions will be made based on the NRCan Fuel Consumption Rating Tool above.

  • Any hybrid vehicle 2002 or newer
  • Honda CR-Z
  • Honda Fit (model years 2015 or newer)
  • Honda Insight
  • Chevrolet Geo Metro
  • Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Scion IQ
  • Smart Fortwo
  • Toyota Prius
  • Volkswagen Golf TDI Diesel
  • Volkswagen Jetta TDI Diesel
  • Volkswagen New Beetle TDI Diesel

Please note that battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles cannot be scrapped through our program for any rebate option.

All our program policies can be found here.