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Agreement with all policies is mandatory before proceeding with the rest of the application.

Please carefully read each of the following statements. When finished, click the box on the bottom to indicate that you have read and understood each statement. You must agree to all the statements in order for your application to be accepted:

  1. I am at least 19 years of age; or I agree to complete and submit the required consent form (please use our contact us page to email us and obtain a copy of the form).

  2. I understand that incentives are subject to change at any time without notice. I am aware that I am only entitled to the incentives offered on the date of my application. I have reviewed the current incentive choices listed on the website and understand my entitlements.

  3. I am the registered owner of the listed vehicle, or parent or legal guardian of such owner, or I have legal signing authority to transfer the ownership of a vehicle registered in a business name. If there is more than one registered owner, I am authorized to make this application on behalf of all owners of the listed vehicle.

  4. I have read and understood the Privacy Policy.

  5. I provide express consent to the BC SCRAP-IT Program (for physical location & contact information click here) and its affiliates to communicate with me using the email address I provide in my application. This includes program information updates, announcements, event/seminar invitations, surveys, contests and other notifications. This also includes the sharing and exchanging of any personal information I provide in the application, as defined in the Privacy Policy. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. I further understand that even if I withdraw my consent, the BC SCRAP-IT Program may email me to facilitate a transaction with the BC SCRAP-IT Program that I previously agreed to enter into.

  6. I, and the persons I am authorized to make this application on behalf of, consent to the collection, use, and retention of all personal information in or arising from this application form and my participation in the program to the BC SCRAP-IT Program, and to the further disclosure of such information from the BC SCRAP-IT Program to its Program Partners as outlined in the Privacy Policy.

  7. I, and the persons I am authorized to make this application on behalf of, further consent to the Program Partners releasing personal information to the BC SCRAP-IT Program in response to my application and participation in the program in order for BC SCRAP-IT Program to collect, use, and retain such information obtained, and to further disclosure of such information to its Program Partners as outlined in the Privacy Policy.

  8. I, and the persons I am authorized to make this application on behalf of, agree that if my application is approved for an incentive payment, and my vehicle is scrapped under the SCRAP-IT Program, legal ownership of all emission and carbon reductions which may be generated as a result of the scrappage of my vehicle are transferred to the BC SCRAP-IT Program.

  9. I have read, understood and agree to all of the BC SCRAP-IT Program policies and Electric Vehicle Program policies if applicable.

  10. I agree that if I choose either Electric Vehicle incentive (new or used) AND I have purchased a the electric vehicle BEFORE completing this application, I will submit a FORM B (obtainable from the this website, and the dealership). I also understand that I must apply to the program within 10 days of my purchase, otherwise my purchase will not qualify. If I am not choosing a Replacement Vehicle incentive then I understand this requirement does not apply to me.



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