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COVID19 Service Delivery FAQs

Please note, the following information may change faster than we can update it.

We will do our best to provide regular updates as more information becomes available.

SCRAP-IT and ZAPBC will be able to deliver both programs, even if employees have to work from home. 


Will I still get my incentive/rebate money from your program (SCRAP-IT or ZAPBC)?
Yes. You will receive your incentive payment/rebate once you complete all the normal and required steps as outlined on the program’s website.

Is your office open?
Effective Monday, March 16, 2020 we are no longer open for walk-in customers until further notice.

How do I contact you if I have a question?
As phone volumes are very high, we request that you email us for faster service. Both the SCRAP-IT and ZAPBC websites have a “Contact Us” page.


Can I still scrap my car?
Yes. Until we have official correspondence from the scrap yards, you can still proceed to scrap your vehicle. As of 12:00pm, Friday March 27, 2020 any updates we have received, have been made to the individual location listing on our Scrap Your Car page.

Can I still purchase and/or pick-up my electric vehicle?
Our current understanding is that all new car dealer partners are still open for business. If this changes, we will update our website.


Can I still install my charger?
Yes. If you can find an installer who is willing to do the work please proceed to have your charger installed.

What if I can’t get my charger installed within 30 days because I can’t get an installer to come to my home?
Just send us an email with your application # and let us know how much more time you think you will need to get the installation booked.