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5 Steps to EV Ownership

5 Steps to EV Ownership

NEW IN 2021 – Not every vehicle can be scrapped for an EV new or used rebate. Please review our Does My Old Vehicle Qualify for an EV Rebate? page for details.

You must purchase a qualifying EV from a participating dealership.

All rebates are dealership allocated. This means that each participating dealership has a specific amount of allocations for SCRAP-IT customers.

SCRAP-IT does not issue allocations directly to customers.

All EVs (new or used) must be purchased from a participating dealership, otherwise the purchase will not qualify for a rebate. Do NOT purchase an EV from a dealership who is not on our list.

There are 2 ways you can find an EV:

1. Search our Find an EV page and look for vehicles that are “Available.”

  • Available – this means these vehicles are in stock and ready to be purchased with a SCRAP-IT rebate.
  • Reserved – this means the EV is no longer available as another customer has already paid a deposit and is waiting on delivery.

2. Use our Participating Dealership page to contact a dealership directly. Once you click on the dealership, locate the green “Send Enquiry” button on the top right.

Please note that our Find an EV page is updated by the dealerships. Sometimes there are a few days of lag due to processing of paperwork. This is normal.

Once you have found the EV you wish to purchase, make sure the participating dealership is guaranteeing you an allocation. We advise you to get this in writing (e.g. on the deposit receipt or sales agreement) especially if the dealer is ordering you a new EV from the manufacturer.

What is a pre-ordered EV?

This is when the dealership is guaranteeing you a rebate for a new EV that has to be ordered from the manufacturer. In other words, the vehicle is NOT in stock on their lot.

Do not apply to our program when you pre-order the vehicle. You should only apply to our program once you have scheduled or are about to take delivery. We do not want customers to scrap any old vehicle until the new EV arrives. Regardless of when the new EV arrives, the old vehicle you intend to scrap must still meet all the qualification requirements outlined in Step 1 above. Therefore, you must keep the old vehicle insured until the EV arrives.

If you place an order, make sure that the vehicle will be delivered prior to October 31st, 2021. Under no circumstances will a rebate be paid to a customer if the EV is not registered/transferred into your name (ownership) on/before October 31st 2021.

Apply to our program when the dealership has called you to arrange an appointment for the delivery of your EV. (This means the EV is now on their lot.) To do so, go to the Apply tab in the menu bar and complete an application.

Please note that receiving an email approval letter does not guarantee you a rebate. It simply confirms that the vehicle you intend to scrap qualifies for our program.

Once you are approved, you have 30 days to take delivery of your EV, scrap the old vehicle, and for the dealership to claim the rebate for you. Please make sure you give the dealership a copy of your email approval letter for reference.

Once we have received confirmation directly from the authorised scrap yard location and your dealership has submitted the claim for you, your EFT (electronic funds transfer) will be processed.